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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If our services look like a match for your needs, our next step is a free Meet and Greet to make sure it is a good fit for all.  During this time, we discuss what you’d like to see happen during my appointment with your pets (yard play, walk time, cuddles, and feeding).  After this meeting, we can schedule your pet walks and visits.

How much do your services cost?

Please see our price menu for a list of all services and rates. Please note that a 50 percent holiday fee may be added to all bookings over various holidays.

Do you board in your home?

All of our services happen in the comfort of your home in your dogs’ familiar surroundings. We are out caring for pets from sun up to sundown.  Your animals would be very lonely and bored inside our home!

Do you offer overnight stays?

I do offer midnight-5am overnights inside your home, with 15 minute visits every 4 to 6 hours during the day for animals that suffer from extreme separation anxiety or who have medical challenges.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes! My liability insurance covers any person, property, or other domestic animals we may encounter.  We can provide liability and insurance certificates upon request.

How do you get in and out of my home?

We can enter through a garage door with an access code.  Or you can supply us with a key.

Keys must always be secured on your residence with a lock box (no hidden keys under doormats).   

We can provide you with a low-cost lock box at your Meet & Greet; or you can purchase one at Lowe’s, Home Depot.

Do you walk other clients’ dogs while also walking my dog?

 For liability insurance reasons, we do not walk dogs from different households at the same time.

Can I call you with last minute requests?

Same-day requests may incur a fee if we must re-arrange our schedule to fit your pup in.  But it will always be better for you if you schedule with as much notice as possible.

What are your cancellation policies?

Cancellation Policies
We understand that life happens and schedules change.  Our official policies for cancellations are as follows:

Cancellation Policy for Work-Day Dog Walking Clients:

*A fee of 1/2 cost of walk if you cancel after 11:59 pm the night before.  This fee is used to pay your Walker for the time she set aside for your pet. 

*Door step cancellations after we’ve already arrived for your pet’s care are charged full-price for that appointment. This fee is used to pay your Walker for the time she set aside for your pet. 

Cancellation Policy for Vacation Pet Care Clients:

➡️ Overnight Care Deposits are fully refundable if canceled 31 days prior to first overnight scheduled date. 

➡️ Except for holiday periods, (15 or 30 minute walk) cancellations may be made up to one day in advance of the first scheduled visit with no cancellation fee. 

➡️ Cancellations of less than midnight the night before are due in full. 

➡️ Cancellations during holiday periods may be made up to seven (7) days in advance of the first scheduled service. After that period, a cancellation fee will be charged of 50% the total reservation. Cancellations of less than 24 hours are due in full.

➡️ No credits will be given for visits cancelled due to a client’s early return home. Clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved number of visits.

How am I billed and when is payment due?

Invoices are due a day before service begins. We accept all major credit cards through Time to Pet powered by Stripe.

Time to Pet never stores or logs any clients’ credit card information. Our payment processor secures information in a server data center with 24/7 security and is fully PCI compliant.

*All overnight bookings require a 50% fully refundable deposit if canceled 31 days prior to first overnight service in order to secure the dates of service.





Is it ok to have my (friend, neighbor, family member) do some walks and you do some walks during my vacation to lessen my cost?

Most pet sitters like us do not allow for shared jobs due to a host of liability issues with multiple people coming in and out of your home.  However, we are willing to share jobs if the owner signs a liability waiver and all shared parties fill out a care log with each visit.

How are my keys handled?

Keys must always be secured on your residence with a lock box (no hidden keys under doormats).   

We can provide you with a low-cost lock box at your Meet & Greet; or you can purchase one at Lowe’s, Home Depot.

Where will you walk my dog?

We can walk the same route that he or she is used to or create our own new route.  We record all our walks with a GPS Dog Walking App.  We will provide you with a map of our walk after we are done. 

What happens if my dog walker gets sick or is unable to walk my dog?

At this time we have four liability insured, bonded, background checked Pet Care Technicians.  If for some reason your Pet Care Technician is unwell, we do have back ups.  But we also ask clients for an Emergency Contact in the rare chance that we are unable to provide service due to illness or unforeseen emergency. 

My dog has health issues. Will you still come?

Of course!  I am experienced in senior care.  I can administer most medications, including injections.

What do you do in case of injury or illness?

In the event your pet is injured or ill, we will contact you (or your emergency contact) after we assess the situation.  We will take your pet to your preferred vet provider or urgent care if after-hours.  We do ask our clients to sign a “permission to take pets to the vet” form.

What vaccinations are required?

We do require that you provide certificates of up-to-date immunizations.  We can provide you with low-cost immunization services if needed.

Flea/Tick Vet approved preventative is needed for the safety of your pet and home along with other pet’s and homes we visit. 

Can you provide my dog with his or her medication?

Yes, we are experienced in administering most oral and injectable medications.  A fee may be assessed if your dog does not handle medication easily.  We ask that we schedule your meet and greet during a time that his/her medications are due.  We like to assess how your dog handles receiving medications from a new friend.

What time can you come for a dog walk?

We schedule your dog in a two-hour window that you and I agree on beforehand.  Because of the unpredictable nature of our work, we can never promise specific times.

Do you walk in inclement weather? What is your inclement weather policy?

We will walk in all weather that is not dangerous to me or your pet.  However, if your dog does not do well in inclement weather, we may push your paid walk to our next unpaid visit.  If driving time is affected by weather, we will either abbreviate your walk or give you the opportunity to make other arrangements if an abbreviated walk is not ideal.

Will you update me on my pet during your visit?

Of course!  We try to send photos, videos, and updates to you using our software, Time to Pet. They will bring a smile to your face! With your permission, we like to post these on our Social Media.

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